Thursday, 2 June 2016

How Dandelions make you laugh...

So, following my first post on 'Being a Dad', I thought I'd do a follow up piece pretty soon after.

There are a number of random things that happen with my two lads that make you laugh, the type of thing that you just wouldn't think would make them laugh so much.

One example happened last year when I simply picked up a dandelion for my son, and proceeded to blow it as you do, the reaction from Alfie was classic. Alfie, like other babies took about 6-8 weeks to give us his first smile, but all that seemed a galaxy away when at just over 12 months he had us laughing with his own laugh, which all revolved around the blowing of that dandelion.

Carrying round in the garden and then picking up some more dandelions gave me more ammo for that quality laugh, and he didn't disappoint.

Thankfully my wife had got the camera rolling and away we went, and that killer of a laugh followed, and we've had so much fun with his laughs ever since - in the kitchen making silly noises to him (as you do as a parent!), in the bath washing those 'dirty feet' and being tickled - such good fun indeed, and hopefully lots more good times to come on that side of things too.

Hearing them laugh certainly puts you in a good mood for the rest of the day and also with the modern technologies available, gives you great memories and potential for embarrassment at future events involving them, and I guess that would just be a bit of payback for all those times when they woke you up in the night and denying you the sleep that you crave!!

Hopefully those laughs will continue, I know there will be plenty of world wars going on in their lives as the older and younger brother, and we're ready for that (he says...) but above all we want those laughs to continue as long as possible!!

What's been the best laugh your little one has come out with? Did it take you by surprise? Have you tried since and it just didn't have the same effect next time round??

So many questions....